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Saying "I'm gonna touch those toes!" -- and then touching them -- makes Lily go into fits of binkies. She is such a ballerina! And the diva thing is right on. She spends more time primping than a 15-year-old getting ready for a high school dance!

Wooly is being very quiet around her, but I can tell he's totally enamored. It's so funny, because he's not acting like himself at all. He's totally the boy who likes the girl and is all shy around her, but is always hoping she's looking his way. He actually gave a little growl at me once when I tried to pat her.

And does she ever love the lovin'! When I go to pat her, she settles right down and closes her eyes. And when I'm not patting her, she's all over the place, even climbing all over me.

I found her bathing Wooly (his face and eyes, which had been a little crusty). He was holding very still for her. And she had her first raisin! With Wooly. (Boy, was that yummy!)

This is a done deal!!! A match made in heaven. Even in my best, most wildest dreams, I never imagined it could be this easy.

Now I need to work on coming up with a new name, the perfect name. ("Lily" is beautiful, but I'm afraid it's just too close to "Wooly.")