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Hi. My name is Jack. I am a gorgeous, silver and white, neutered boy with a very expressive face. Here's what my foster mom wants you to know about me:

You can read more about Jack here!

Jack is a little shy at first, but loves to do Binkies and dances. We!ve discovered that he likes to be gently chased as that gets him into binky mania. Jack has a very curious and mischevious side to him.

We are looking for a rabbit savvy person (or someone who?s willing to get rabbit savvy) who will not only adopt Jack, but also be willing to play matchmaker to finally give Jack a permanent place to live with loving human(s) and a best bunny friend.

Records show that Jack was surrendered to the shelter with a companion rabbit, who was accidently separated out and adopted. He seems lonely and we think he wants a new rabbit friend.

Before he was surrendered to the shelter he and his previous mate lived in a garage which may explain Jack's initial fearful behavior. HOWEVER, in foster care he's learning to trust and now actually comes over and asks for pets.

He will continue to trust with patience and care. Once he realizes you?re there to love him, an amazing transformation happens; He becomes extremely expressive, playful, loving and curious. His loving human will be rewarded with jumps of joy when he sees you, and he?ll actually run up to greet you, plus offer you nose snuggles, and play sessions.

He loves to be kissed and petted on the floor. It?s great to see him stretch out in complete bliss.

Jack has a very curious and mischievous side, so old phone books to tear up, and chew toys make him very happy. He's silly, fun, comical, and loves to be loved.

He is not used to being caged as he is free to run around in our bunny proofed home office, hallway and bathroom.