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Here's what Mary, Fabio's new mom wants you to know about him:

"My family and I are madly in love with him. :-) He is the absolute sweetest rabbit ever! I just adore him. He really is very silly and is such a character. What a personality!

He and my other rabbit Orca have completely bonded. They are sooooooo happy with each other and they do everything together. When I have more time, I will have to tell you more about the funny, quircky things he does. For example, he likes to lie on his back in the litter box with his feet straight up in the air! And when you pet him he makes these little cooing noises and he grinds his teeth.

He is just like a puppy and comes running up to you when you call for him. And when you rub his shoulders he picks up one of his front paws and just holds it there. Okay, one more thing - he's afraid of his own reflection! He still hasn't figured that one out. Thanks again for everything. We love Fabio!!!!!"