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Bean and Monroe

Jul 24 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Monterey Animal Services

We have been adopted and we share a girlfriend now!

If you are looking for an incredible bonded pair of rabbits you will find it nearly impossible to top the love, sweetness and shear cuteness factor of these two boys together.

Bean is a tiny, neutered Netherland dwarf boy who tips the scales at just over 2 pounds. He came to SaveABunny as a special needs rescue from the San Jose City shelter. He had serious malocclusion and his incisor and peg teeth needed to be pulled. He is now doing great and while he eats hay and pellets just fine, he can regularly be seen trying to "gum" a larger piece of food like a piece of carrot or apple!

Monroe is a very large New Zealand Black rabbit who came to SaveABunny from Monterey Animal Services. He is an exquisitely handsome, neutered 11 1/2 pound boy. He had been unfortunate enough to have been for sale at a feed store where he could have become someone's rabbit meat dinner!

Both Bean and Monroe are very loving, sweet boys and then when you see then together your heart will just melt. They ADORE each other and are almost always snuggling. Bean even likes to tuck his head and half his body under Monroe to take a nap!

Monroe is an "old soul" kind of bunny who is patient and gentle. He is the type of bunny who will sleep under the covers with you in bed. He is a real catch!

And of course Bean is beyond cute in addition to being amazingly calm and mellow for a dwarf rabbit. Both of these boys are OK being held and cuddled.

Let's face it. We see daily that many people have preferences about the types of bunnies they want to adopt. We get a lot of interest in the small bunnies and floppy-eared bunnies. We do our best to encourage people to adopt a rabbit based on his or her personality and not breed or looks, but it can be a challenge.

Monroe and Bean love each other and MUST be adopted together. Bean will also need to have his back teeth monitored over time to make sure they are not getting "points" as a result of having to lose his front teeth.

To help us offset the veterinary expenses to pull Bean's teeth and save his life, we are requesting an adoption fee of $285.00 to adopt both Bean and Monroe. This is only a fraction of our expenses, but it will truly help us rescue another rabbit in need.

You will absolutely LOVE Bean and Monroe. We do!