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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
Private Rescue

We are greatly saddened to report that Chocolate died unexpectedly in recovery after routine surgery.
He will be deeply missed and we loved this special littel guy.


Hi. My name is Chocolate. Marcy, the Founder of SaveABunny, and human who translates for us bunnies on this web site wanted to find a very special name for me for a number of reasons. One of her favorite pleasures in the world, besides us bunnies is CHOCOLATE! Plus, and you have to promise not to tell anyone I told you this...she has a special fondness for us Dutch bunnies. We are just so opinionated, comical and of course ADORABLE!

In addition to being very cute and expressive, I also reminded Marcy of "Oinky', the SaveABunny mascot and bunny muse for Marcy. When Oinky passed away last year Marcy was heartbroken and still misses him tremendously. So, while no one can ever replace Oinky, I am the first bunny in a long time that looks a bit like him.
When she saw the urgent plea for my rescue it brought back bittersweet memories of Oinky and I was rescued in his memory and honor.

I am still settling in and am a bit raggedy from being neglected before I arrived at SaveABunny. I love feeling safe and cared for here. It won't be long until I look like my striking, dapper self again.

I am pictured next to a stunning fused glass dish handmade here at SaveABunny. The people at SaveABunny appreciate all things beautiful and that is both me and the original artwork created to support SaveABunny's rescue efforts. This dish is food safe and perfect for you or me! Check out more artwork at SaveABunny's Etsy store. Click here to Shop and Save Lives

I am very grateful to be alive and ready to find my forever home. Please visit me soon!