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Feb 24 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
Humane Society of Silicon Valley

I am now living in a sanctuary with Dustin, Tempest, Syrah and other bunnies, because quite frankly we are perfectly happy not being with people and only being with other rabbits!
Hi. My name is Rainbow and as you can see, I am a simply STUNNING, very plush, spayed Rex girl. My fur is jet black and very luxurious. Yes, I am very pretty and I know it. As Kelly Lebrock famously said on TV ..."Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

In addition to my good looks I'm a spirited and feisty girl who is not afraid to express my opinions. I'd be a good choice for an experienced bunny lover who enjoys bossy bunnies. I'm currently living in a group with Pumpkin, Dustin, Kitten, and Dolly, so maybe you'd consider adopting me and one of my friends together?

One of my passions is to educate people about NOT buying or wearing fur. Did you know many rabbit fur costs are made from pet bunnies---rexes, just like me? How SAD SAD SAD!

The only compassionate way to have a rabbit fur coat in your home is to adopt a bunny like me as your pet!