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Sedona and Sierra

Sep 13 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
Petaluma Animal Shelter

We just found our forever home with a GREAT person!

HI! We are Sedona(Brown and white)and Sierra(golden),a smallish bonded pair of spayed girls. As you can see, we are both beautiful bunnies. I am a little more spirited and outgoing than Sierra. She is friendly,yet more reserved and calmer. I have a bit more of the classic rabbitity-tude.

We were rescued from a terrible neglect situation that also sadly involved child protective services. The kids and the animals at that scary place were just not safe.

Now we are doing really well and are eager to find ourselves a safe, loving and happy place to call home. We look forward to experiencing the joys of being pampered companion rabbits. You know...snuggling and playing on the sofa, munching on fresh greens and of course taking bunny naps inside a nice clean house where we can leave all our worries behind us and dream of carrots.

We'd love to meet you soon if you think you are "bunny-worthy".
Hope to talk with you soon!