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Go-Go, formerly A252481 at SFACC AND Beaumont!

Dec 1 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Foster Home

Go- Go has found his forever home along with his best new friend, Beaumont, another special needs rabbit from SaveABunny. This special couple will have the lifelong special care they need and deserve!

Hi. My name is Go-Go and I am a very special rabbit. As you'll see in my video (PLEASE WATCH--I did my best method acting work!), I came to SaveABunny as an emergency medical rescue. I was born with problems with my spine and then my human left me at a shelter since she no longer wanted to care for me. My cuteness, will to live and love of people caught the attention of shelter staff and volunteers and I was given a second chance. I came to SaveABunny for healing and special care.

My prognosis is a mixed one. Psychologically, I am a very happy and sweet rabbit who just wants to run and play like a normal bunny. However, physically my little body is kind of a mess.

I've had expensive x-rays and blood work. I was born with a congenital defect with my spine and I am also very mildly positive for e.cunniculi, for which I am getting treatment. Saving a special needs rabbit like me is very touching and rewarding, but also very expensive. Donations toward my care are URGENTLY needed. I'm not too proud to ask for your help! Plus, if my expenses can be covered, than SaveABunny will be able to help another rabbit in need who would otherwise be euthanized.

I am currently living at a wonderful foster home, yet I am also eager to find my very own, forever home. If you want a "lap bunny", I will sit for hours in your lap and soaked up all your snuggles and loving. I often give bunny kisses in exchange. Since I am physically a vulnerable bunny I would do best in an experienced bunny home where my health can be monitored and any future medical expenses will not be not an issue. I would really benefit from special care, like chiropractic and acupuncture to help me improve and get stronger.

I so very much want to enjoy a long, happy life with people who will treasure and pamper me and keep me safe. Please help me live.

Thank you!
Love, Go-Go