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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
Private Rescue

It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news of Ophelia's death tonight.
You recently received an email from Rob about Ophelia. In the past few weeks she had been sick, but we thought she had bounced back. Last night she looked weak, so she got pampered and snuggled in Rob's arms while he watched TV.
In the morning she looked bad. We did all we could for her today to make her comfortable. We arranged her cage with warming disks and a soft, pretty white white fleece with roses. She was a very feminine rabbit.
I was upset, so I took a nap with Hector Bunzalez (our bunny) while Rob spent time with Ophelia. I didn't want to get out of bed to see her, because it just hurt too much, but something called me to do so. I went to see her at 1:30 am and she was dying. Rob came in too and we stroked her and told her how pretty, brave and special she was. She died at 1:40 am.

Hi. My name is Ophelia and I am the second oldest rabbit currently living at SaveABunny. My age is estimated at about 10 years old. However, don't go thinking that I am some sort of pushover or weak old lady. I still have a lot of spirit and spunk to me!

I came to SaveABunny when sadly no one else would help me out. You see, I had once been the much loved bunny at a nursing home the Hayward area. When I first arrived ten years ago all the staff and patients played with me, gave me love and brought me treats. In return, I made them laugh, gave them joy and brought them hope.


Over the years the staff changed and the patients came and left. Several years ago my mate died and then I was alone. Each day and night for ten years I patiently waited for people to come and pet me. That was my job. I waited throughout all kinds of weather--sunlight or thunderstorms, and the hot sunny days and lonely dark nights.

Gradually people stopped coming to visit me. They became too busy and the staff didn't know how to care for me.They didn't even know that I was a pretty little girl and not a boy.

A few days each month they brought me water and fresh food. The straw floor and wooden box I slept in provided me with a little bit of comfort. I had become so bored and depressed. My nails had become very overgrown and it became harder for me to walk than it should have been.

On July 11, 2008 my wishes and prayers were answered. I came to SaveABunny for Sanctuary. They discovered that I also had a perforated ear drum. Now I am receiving the much needed antibiotics and pain medication treatment that is making me feel so much better! Here at SaveABunny I have the chance to either be adopted and find my forever home, or I can live my life out here knowing that I was loved and my life had meaning and purpose.

If you would like to donate or sponsor my care---or of course meet me, I would be very grateful.