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Stinson (formerly A249818 Jonah at SFACC)

Oct 19 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

I've been adopted as a husbun for my new bunny wife Scarlett. She's very sweet, and beautiful too! We're in love!!!

HI! My name is Stinson and I am a really friendly, outgoing and all around nice guy. I came to SaveABunny, because I was being treated for a "weepy eye."

I went to the vet, and she says I have a blocked tear duct. Either I was born that way, or it's scar tissue from an old injury or infection. Either way, it doesn't bother me, or require more treatment. It just means that every now and then my eye may look a little wet. But even though my eye may not look so perfect, I am feeling great. If I had a bunny friend, she could help me keep it clean so you'd hardly notice it. And speaking of bunny friends...

I'm currently living in a group/warren with Lavender, Love Bug, Calvin, Giselle and Georgette. Perhaps you'd like to adopt me with one of my friends for ready made bunny family, or as a friend for you spay/neutered rabbit? Double the love, double the fun!

I'm just waiting to be discovered by someone really cool. I'd really love to find either a foster home to play at or my forever home where I can dance and be loved.

Please meet me soon!