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Apr 26 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

I've found a wonderful forever home, and my new family adopted my sister Amora as well. I'm so glad we can share this happy ending together!

My name is Esmay, which is Latin/French for "love." My mother, Kisses (adopted) and my siblings and I were at high risk of euthanasia at a local shelter that was overcrowded. Our story could have been sad, but now it's not. The SaveABunny volunteers miraculously found a foster home for us.

Now my siblings and I are old enough, so each of us has been spayed and is ready for our own home. It's very bittersweet for us, because we all still get along very well. So, maybe you'd like to adopt me and one of my sisters, too---Amora, Suki, and Mindi?

Do you have a sense of humor? We are rambunctious teenagers with a mind of our own! So much to see and do and so little time! But we had a great momma, so chances are we'll all be as sweet and loving as her.

I hope to meet you soon!