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Jun 24 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

I have two good news updates to share! First, I had my bad incisor teeth pulled and I feel a whole lot better! Also, I just got adopted to live with a great family along with a girlfriend bunny also from SaveABunny named Hope.
Hi. My name is Stewart and as you can see I am a very cute,elegantly shaded gray agouti, neutered dwarf mix boy. This picture, which attempts to show my malloccluded teeth just doesn't do me justice.
I am a small, very precious little boy---about 3+ pounds.

My teeth are a mess, which is why I ended up on the rescue list at a South Bay shelter. I really need to have my teeth trimmed and ultimately my incisors should be pulled. This is a life-saving, but expensive option, so SaveABunny really needs your support and donations to help me. Any amount large or small really help me get the care I need, as well as help support SaveABunny's extensive rescue efforts. SaveABunny is frequently the only rescue place for rabbits like me who have special needs and declined for rescue by other groups.

Thank you so much for your compassion and support. I want to live and have a lot of love to share. With your help I can live a normal life!