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Jun 24 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
Humane Society of Silicon Valley

I just found my forever home with a GORGEOUS big, Angora boy named Job---also adopted from SaveABunny!
Hi. My name is Singa and I am an exotic, very gorgeous and showy, spayed lionhead girl. I am jet black with a whirlwind of fur and big brown eyes that wink with a flirtatious touch.

Did you know that I am named Singa, after a mythical creature of the Indonesian Batak people who live in the mountains in Sumatra?

The Singa is the dominant theme of Batak decoration, where it is to be found on houses, domestic utensils, wooden coffins, stone sarcophagi, copper jewelry, etc. Its omnipresence indicates a protective role.

Don't get your hopes up that I will protect you, because my first priority is to get adopted and spoiled, but I will certainly grace your home with beauty and love.

Please visit me soon!