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Suzie Q and Putter

Putter and Suzie Q.jpg
Apr 16 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
San Jose ACC

Suzie Q and Putter - I'm Putter (back bunny) and I'm Suzie Q (forward bunny). We were photographed together but we can be adopted separately. We are amazingly playful and loving bunnies. We like to hop around and explore. A good massage with gentle petting is always welcomed by us. ( Suzie Q is a bit sad. She was returned by an adopter who didn't understand bunny games such as "tag you are it". Bunnies gentle nip or pull at clothing to get our attention. Then they may run away with the hopes that you will chase or follow them.) We are potty trained, so be sure to set us up at home correctly with our constant hay supply next to our litter boxes so we can do our "eat and poop simultaneously" thing