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Abercrombie and Melba (formerly A243065 at San Francisco Animal Care and Control)

Apr 12 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
San Jose Animal Services
Foster Home

We have found our forver home, with lots of love from our new people, and lots of room to run and play. We're sooooo happy! We also want to thank our foster mom, who took such good care of us while we were waiting to be adopted.

HI! My name is Abercrombie and I am a BIG, white, neutered boy. Here I am resting my head under bunny wife Melba. This is such a wonderful change from our lives before coming to SaveABunny. We were both facing euthanasia at different local shelters. Our love for each other came together after we were both rescued by SaveABunny.

Most real rabbit lovers know that big white bunnies like us are often the most comical, outgoing and fabulous rabbits, but sadly we get overlooked and euthanized more than other rabbits, simply because people don't like our rose colored eyes.Or, they think only little tiny bunnies are cute. Boy, do these people miss out on a lot of fun by not considering us big bunnies. I am about 9 pounds of pure bunny enthusiasm!

Melba initially looked like a big girl at about 7 pounds, until now that she is with me. Now she looks so dainty and proper compared to a big muscular guy like me. She is a really smart girl with clear opinions and a great sense of humor. She loves to be the center of attention and am sort of nosey about what everyone is doing.

Together,we are spirited,outgoing and very engaging. Wait until you have a total of about 17 pounds of bunny running forward to greet you! Because of our large size, we need to be mostly free-range bunnies out of a cage, playing and dancing.

We want to meet you soon!