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Oct 30 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

UPDATE 10/30/07
I just found my forever home with a great human and my new best bunny friend named Freud, also from SaveABunny.
Freud and I are both older boys who were both abandoned at our different shelters in our twilight years. Our rescues and adoptions are particularly poignant and heartwarming. Wish us well in our sunset years and please meet the new bunnies at SaveABunny who were fortunate to find a rescue space, because of our adoptions.


UPDATE 9/11/07

"Louie Wins Best of Show" at the Bay Area Pet Fair in the "other dog" category!

If you want to live with a show bunny with a great, mellow personality, you'll love Louie!

Louie is a gentle, sweet older bunny who really deserves to live out his twilight years with dignity and love. His humans moved to Hawaii and had to leave him behind at the animal shelter. Louis is neutered and is obviously used to being an indoor companion rabbit.

Louie is 8 years old with a lump on his side that needs to be examined. He looked so sad and lonely at the shelter that shelter volunteers tried to spend extra time with him to offer comfort.

Sadly, the shelter quickly became overcrowded with too many bunnies. Louie's life was at risk, because he was not deemed adoptable to the general public. Without rescue he would have to be euthanized.

Quite frankly, it was a struggle for us to take Louie. The reality is that there are too many bunnies needing help and homes. We need to make sure that we can adopt out rabbits to make room to help others.

Louie will require medical funds for an exam, a space in our rescue, and unless he gets adopted, he will live out the rest of his life here with us as a "sanctuary" rabbit.

The reality is that we don't have outside help for sanctuary rabbits. If a bunny at SaveABunny does not get adopted, he or she stays here for his or her entire lives. If we are fortunate, a great foster home come along, so we can take in another rabbit needing help.

I went into the shelter to evaluate Louie, as well as another rabbit who was also not being placed up for adoption for medical reasons (Murray. I spent about a half hour with Louie getting a sense of what he wanted. Would he be Ok if it was his time to go if we couldn't rescue him?

He seemed saddened that his life would end that way in a shelter, but understood that sometimes that's what can happen. Truthfully, I wasn't sure what to do, because I knew once I left him behind, he would be put down.

As I talked with him, he sort of waddled over to me (he is a bit pudgy and has some stiffness in his joints). He lowered his head to mine and touched my nose to reassure me that whatever I chose to do, it would be OK.

I thought to myself how unfair it would be to Louie to have his life end with such little fanfare and recognition for who he was as little being. After all the years of pleasure and love he had brought to people, I just wanted him to know that he was valued.

Maybe people think it's extreme, but in my opinion, all life has meaning and worth. Just because Louie was a rabbit and not a person, it just didn't seem fair to "discard " him when he was old and needed tenderness and care the most.

So, I decided to take Louie home to SaveABunny. I am hopeful that there is someone special out there who wants to give Louie the type of peaceful, secure and comforting rest of his life that we would all hope for ourselves.

If you'd like to foster or adopt Louie, please let me know. We also need donations to cover the costs of medical attention to biopsy the growth on his side. Maybe it's just a fatty tumor.

Who knows how long Louie has left to live.? A year? Two years? A month? Does it really matter? Shouldn't each day be one where he feels safe and loved?

Please send donations towards Louie's care to:

P.O. Box 2143
Mill Valley, CA 94942

Or click here to donate via PayPal. (Click here for more information on donating)