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Feb 20 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
Humane Society of Silicon Valley
Foster Home

My foster mom adopted me!

Hi! My name is Pixel. I'm a very small, super-cute and high energy neutered dwarf boy. I am always busy, busy, busy,alert and active.

Some people say that dwarf bunnies can be a bit nippy and cage protective, well, um..., I hate to admit it, but that's me sometimes! I really can't help myself. I just like to be treated with respect and not have people move my stuff all around. That's not asking too much is it?

I actually really enjoy being talked with and petted and with an experienced bunny lover I melt in their arms.
I guess what I am saying is that since I am on the nervous side, I would like to be in an adult only bunny home with someone who is experienced with sensitive bunnies. I truly have a lot of love to share and want so much to be someone's treasured bunny. I just need to be handled in a way that i trust you and feel that my boundaries are being honored.

I'm absolutely precious and incredibly cute. Just wait until you meet me!

Here's what my foster mom wants you to know about me:

Pixel the high energetic dwarf is doing great is his foster home!

He settles in easily.. he's curious about everything of course just like any other bunny. When I hold him in my lap, he buries his head in my arms so he's a complete cuddle bug. :x. He's been flopping over and sitting in his bunny ball near my other bunnies' cages. He gets frustrated like any other bunny when I clean his cage. Everytime I feed him, I do it gently because he tends to grunt sorta like telling me, "Gimme! I'm hungry!" Pixel is very well trained in using his litter box anywhere I put it, right now it's on top of some books but he found his way up to use it and come back down.. sorta of like a 2nd level to a house.

He's been bunny dancing all over the place! He gets daily fresh greens, timothy hay and parsley.. sometimes bok choy. He likes to bounce on top of his cage and perch there. When I approach him when he's outside of his cage, he's more submissive and wanting to be petted. Pixel reminds me of a story book bunny like Flopsy, Mopsy, Peter and Cottontail.

I'm enjoying his stay with me and so does my boyfriend.... Nick. He calls him his 'homey'... :)

I will keep giving updates on Pixel! In the meantime, he gets kisses from me and lots of bunny loving.