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Hi. My name is Job. I'm a GORGEOUS, young, neutered, English Angora boy. Though I'm not a "biblical" sort of guy, after all I've been through, the name "Job" just seemed to fit. I'm approximately one year old and used to live with a woman who loved me very much, but was unable to properly care for me. Long, dense, fur like mine requires daily grooming and special care--- and she was unable to provide that, so in March 2006, she surrendered me to the animal shelter.

When I arrived at the shelter, the entire lower half of my body was covered with abscesses. Most of the abscesses were as large as golf balls and one on my leg was a large as a lemon.

As you can see from the photos, I was in very bad shape. In fact, the veterinarian was surprised that I was still alive at all, since rabbit abscesses can be deadly. She called SaveABunny to see if they wanted to take me in as a special needs rabbit, and they said yes.

Warning: Graphic Pictures Below. Click on the image for a larger version.


So, my wounds were surgically opened and drained whenever possible. The prognosis was very guarded and grim, and because the magnitude of my abscesses was so extreme and severe euthanasia was considered as an option.

I made it clear through my love of people and life that I was not "suffering', and in fact, wanted to try to heal. My treatment ultimately required daily doses of antibiotics, regular shots of penicillin, as well as soaking and draining my abscesses twice a day. Plus, as a long-hair bunny, I required extensive regular grooming to keep me from being too matted. Overall, my daily care required several hours and two people. I was a very good patient and often gave bunny kisses as a thank you!

Despite making a lot of progress, about a month ago, I took a major turn for the worse. As can happen with rabbit abscesses, The abscesses they sent out "tentacles" and started spreading through my lymph system. I had surgery once again to open the abscesses and implant antibiotic beads. We really weren't sure if it would make a difference, but we considered it our last chance. Fortunately, the beads did their work and I am now doing well and the abscesses are almost gone.

I am so incredibly happy to be alive. I ADORE being with people and I now serve as a "therapy" animal with Joann, my favorite SaveABunny volunteer. Joann helped nurse me back to life each day for months and we are very close. She now takes me to an assisted living center where I spend time being kissed and cradled on people's laps. I am very healing and soothing to be with. I just love to give love.

So, that's my story for now. Thank you so much for reading about me. I'll keep you posted on my recovery, but so far---so good! If you would like to make a donation toward my very extensive medical bills (several thousand dollars),it would really help. Thank you!!

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