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A217592 and A217594 Angus and Herschel

A217592 and A217594 Angus and Herschel

Angus and Herschel are shy, sweet, neutered boys who were surrendered to the shelter along with another pair of rabbits A217591 and A217589, a female pair of shy brown agoutis.

These bunnies are quite lovely, but shy at first, which unfortunately will likely make it harder for them to find homes. Most people are not aware that shy bunnies, like these, learn to trust and can make very loyal and loving companions. If you are a patient person, maybe shy and introverted yourself, and are looking for somebunny to love, please consider these rabbits. The shelter is overcrowded and these bunnies need good , indoor homes. They will probably be passed over by less experienced bunny lovers. Do you have the patience and open heart to love these bunnies for life?

Please visit them at San Francisco Animal Care and Control at 1200 Harrison Street at 15th in the Mission District. Shelter hours are 12-6, except 12-7 on Thursdays. 415-554-9405.