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Tigerlilly and Patrick

Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

We just found our foever home! Yeah!!
Note From The SaveABunny Founder:

Tigerlilly arrived as a stray at San Francisco Animal Care and Control in early 2006. She is a shy,sweet and pretty dwarf girl and her story embodies virtually all the elements of rabbit rescue-- especially for those injured, neglected and special needs rabbits who would otherwise be euthanized without a healing place like SaveABunny where she could get the healing and care she needed to survive.

When Tigerlilly first arrived at San Francisco Animal Care and Control she was emaciated, covered in matted, dirty fur and had urine scald on her bare patches of skin. As you can see from these photos taken a few days after she arrived, Tigerlilly's feet had painful abscessed sores and open wounds.

Her right eye was cloudy and painfully bulged out of her socket at nearly twice the size of her other eye. She was frightened, in pain and was at risk of being euthanized if extensive medical rescue was not available for her.

From the look of her tiny, injured feet, with open wounds, urine scald and missing toes, Tigerlilly had obviously been neglected. SaveABunny volunteers spent an afternoon gently bathing her and cleaning her wounds.

Once her feet and bottom half had been tended to and she was more comfortable, we began our focus on resolving her eye situation. For several weeks we tried medication to ease her suffering and reduce swelling, but it was not successful, so she received surgery to remove her eye.

Physically, Tigerlilly recovered very well, but psychologically, she had trouble adjusting and would whimper and hide. She received the best in medical care, as well as alternative healing, such as Reiki, and shamanic healing. She also went into a foster home where she would get even more one-on-one attention. Compassionate and reliable foster homes are an integral part of our organization's life saving work and is very rewarding. We will train you if you are interested in helping by fostering.

Tigerlilly improved significantly over time and recently came back to SaveABunny so that two special needs bunnies could take her place at that special foster home.

Not long after her return we received a call from the Rhonert Park animal shelter asking for rescue assistance with a gentle, loving special needs rabbit who was blind in his left eye.

We took in the new boy and named him Patrick. Patrick is an exquisitely handsome white mini rex boy who had lost his mate and seemed lonely.

Sure enough, when we introduced Tigerlilly and Patrick it was virtually love at first sight--- which is actually very uncommon for rabbits.

They are now very much in love and inseparable. They must be adopted together. Neither of them has any special needs or requires medication, but it would still be ideal for them to be adopted to a quiet home by someone who appreciates their sensitive nature and limited vision.

Patrick is a funny, bold, and very outgoing neutered boy, while Tigerlilly is more demure and shy. Patrick will let you pet him for hours and comes running over to greet you. Tigerlilly relaxes after she gets to know you a bit. Both of them are resistant to the concept of using their litterbox, but we are hopeful. If neatness is a high priority, these aren't your bunnies..

But if a truly happy ending and living with two very loving bunnies is your idea of living with rabbits, then Tigerlilly and Patrick are just waiting to meet you!

Tigerlilly's surgery cost approximately $1000, and it saved her life. We are completely funded by donations, so if you would like to make a donation to help with SaveABunny's veterinary bills, you can donate via PayPal on this website, or send a check by snail mail to P.O. Box 2143 , Mill Valley, CA 94942. Your generous donation will help us save even more lives!