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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
San Jose Animal Services
Foster Home

Kitten recently lost her longtime mate Pumpkin and is now a SaveABunny sanctuary rabbit. She will live out her life in the care of people who love her. If Kitten is interested in finding a new companion rabbit we will find her one!

Note from SaveABunny Founder:
Kitten was returned in to SaveABunny in 2008 when her human decided to sell her home. The realtor and guardian thought Kitten and her litter box would be an inconvenience to selling the house. Poor Kitten!

Kitten and Pumpkin are now a bonded pair and need to be adopted together. Both these girls are sort of cranky older ladies, so they need to be placed with a compassionate, caring person who recognizes that these bunnies have had a rough life with humans and lack the trust to connect much with people. Pumpkin has some chronic sneezing that comes and goes and kitten lost her tail in a fight with another bunny way back when. So you can see, they have not had an easy life. If you'd like to provide these senior girls a loving forever home, please contact us.

They are currently in a foster home in the South Bay if you'd like to meet them.

Hello, darling. My name is Kitten. I am a very cute, small spayed girl who knows how cute I am.

I have big brown eyes and a really pretty face. I'm also a nice bunny. I'm not a "pushover" though, so when I meet you, I'll decide if you are worthy of my love and attention. Actually, I really enjoy company and being talked with, but I like to appear aloof. Just spend a little quality time with me and you'll soon see how loving I can be.

Please come and meet me soon.