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Miss Universe

Miss Universe

Hi. My name is Miss Universe. I'm actually quite sweet and modest. I got my name, because my foster Mom thinks I'm just incredibly beautiful in spirit, as well as physically, in sort of bittersweet way.

As you can see, I'm far from a "perfect" bunny with my chewed off ears, misshapen eye with its healed old injury and my plush, "round," middle-aged body. The volunteers here lovingly say that I am the real Velveteen rabbit. I look like a treasured stuffed animal that has been tumbled through the washer and dryer for years. If I was a stuffed animals, most of my buttons would likely be missing.

Even though it's obvious that parts of my life have been hard, I am a really happy and friendly girl! When SaveABunny got the call from the animal shelter to come and get me, they expected the worst. Instead they were greeted by me running up to the front of the cage to say hello! I LOVE people and LOVE to get a lot of attention.

I am very gentle and sweet. While I can't tell people what happened to me and how my ears got chewed off (old injury), I easily communicate how loving, sweet and special I am.
I'm very easy to handle and I really connect by gazing at you adoringly with my mousy little gray face and soft brown eyes.

I just found my forever home!