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Alfie,aka DJ Crazy
Aug 18 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Foster Home

UPDATED 6/21/07

I'm in a foster home with a SaveABunny volunteer named Kara who loves me very very much! I was starting to get depressed that no one would ever love me enough to take me home and be interested in making me part of their family. Kara and I have known each other for several years and the opportunity was never quite right for me to join her and her other bunnies.

Kara adopted two girl bunnies that she loved from SaveABunny a few years ago and after 6 long months she was able to bond them. She became a hero at SaveABunny for patience and never giving up. A while later Kara fostered a bunny named Cubby , who had , how shall we say...attitude with teeth. He made me look mellow!

Kara has a real soft spot for "tough" bunnies and knows just the right way to "soothe the savage beast." With love, consistency and patience Kara won Cubby over and soon Cubby and Kara's two girl bunnies had settled into spayed and neutered bunnyland bliss.

Sadly, Cubby passed away suddenly after a few months and Kara and the girls were devastated. Kara visited me frequently and always told me that she loved me and when the time was right she would come for me and take me--- home. HOME! What a beautiful word!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am. Kara and I spend long periods of time together snuggling and giving each other unconditional love.

(Ok, so I admit it. Maybe when I get treats I love her a bit more than usual, so it's a little bit "conditional.")

Only time will tell if Kara's girl bunnies and I will bond, but I am certainly willing to try.

No matter what though, I feel safe, love and know that Kara saved my life again.

Hi! My name is Alfie, but you can also call me DJ Crazy. I am a handsome neutered male steel gray rabbit with a pair of very quirky ears. One ear stands up, one flops down, because of an old injury. It's charming! My fur is very soft and I am likely a mix with part long-hair rabbit.

I am very curious and spirited. I definitely have my own opinions about the way things should be. I'm a good choice for experienced bunny lovers or someone who likes a smart, independent rabbit.

I am only a "special needs" rabbit, because I have been at SaveABunny a while and require an experienced, yet loving bunny guardian. My health is pretty good!

I'm not exactly a "cuddle -bunny", but I am very entertaining to watch dash around and dance, redecorate my cage and build myself a new hideaway from cardboard. I love to be busy. Please visit me soon!