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Foster Home

A few months ago, somebody didn't want a momma rabbit and her six babies so they took us to an Oakland Park and deserted us. We were very scared of the dogs and the cars. Some nice people worked very hard to catch all of us. My name is Joss, and I'm currently living in Livermore with my foster mom. You can also see my siblings, Adonis and Athena, on this site.

Joss is very curious and happy and he loves people; he'll sit on your lap for hours! Joss gets along very well with other bunnies, and he would make a good match for a spayed female rabbit. Joss loves to run and do binkies too, and he gives kisses to people (and other bunnies) he likes. Joss' favorite foods are cilantro, romaine, and kale -- he also adores his pellets and likes to stick his head in the food jar as we are serving his food in the mornings and evenings. He has extremely soft reddish-brown fur with bright white patches.

Note: My foster mom decided to keep me.