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Waverley and Winslow

May 1 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.
Foster Home

Our foster parents adopted us!
Hi! We are Winslow (all white neutered boy) and Waverley (white with grey ears spayed girl). We are a bonded pair of bunnies who really love each other. We are about 1-2 years old. Since we were dropped off in the night drop box at Oakland Animal Services not much is known about our back ground, but it is obvious that we were not treated kindly before being rescued. We tend to be very shy and skittish around people, Waverley especially.

We are eager to find our forever home with people who appreciate bunnies like us. Since our past made us shy and frightened, we would be best suited to a quiet, bunny-savvy adult only home where we could learn to trust again. We may never be snuggle bunnies, but we still have lots of love to give! We are also fun to watch play and binky. We love each other and must be adopted together.

We are being housed in a Foster Home in Sacramento, CA.

Note from our Foster Parents:

It was obvious that before SaveABunny and Oakland Animal Services took these bunnies in, that they had been mistreated. Waverley has a healed cut on the tip of her ear (makes that ear a bit floppy), and Winslow has scaring around his eye's (don't worry it doesn't affect his sight!). Both bunnies were extremely shy and frightened when they first moved into our home.

Winslow has since settled down and chatters his teeth on cue when we pet him. We think he is some mix of New Zealand and Rex because his fur is super thick and so, so soft. We have nicked-named him Super Chunk because of his obvious love of anything edible (or presumed edible) and his incredible jumping feats. He loves to run around and show off his binkies (boy can that bunny jump!). He has made sojourns into the trash can, and on to the top of the washing machine to leave us little "present" on the clean clothes. He is a wonderful bunny, with a lot of energy. He is also very protective of Waverley, standing between her and any "danger" aka the big bad washing machine.

Waverley is a beautiful, soulful bunny. The first month we had her she hid all the time because she was so frightened. She has since decided we are ok...sometimes. We believe she has been mistreated before being rescued and therefore may never be comfortable being petted or touched. The only time she allows us to touch her is if we have banana or a pellet in our hand. That is not saying she does not give love. She does give love by allowing us to sit near her while she groom (takes a lot of trust on her part) or by greeting us when we come into her space with a nose tap. She loves to chew phonebooks and to rearrange her bedding. We can see hints of her personality emerge past that frightened bunny of the past so we think that she could learn to like being petted but it would take time and love.

Because of their past, Waverley and Winslow would do best in a quiet forever home that appreciated bunnies on their terms. A home that would lavish them with the attention and love they deserve.