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Jan 15 2017
Shelter of Origin: 
Humane Society of Silicon Valley

I've been adopted to a wonderful couple!! Yay!!

So here's the deal. I am pretty.VERY pretty. Doesn't that entitle me to boss you around? I think so. "Snap!"

Let's just be honest with each other. You know that you want me. I'm gorgeous,spayed,opinionated,and did I mention very pretty? I just want to remind you of that fact.

If you'd like to adopt me please be able to meet my high end needs. I demand to be cage-free, though I will accept an x-pen as my "cage" when you are not home to supervise my free range through your house or apartment. I do expect you to feed me fresh greens daily or at least several times a week, fresh hay everyday and of course, clean my toiletries each day. I expect prompt room service.

In return,I will let you into my inner circle and you can hang out with me. I'm one of the "cool" girls.
You can try texting me, but I may not answer, so it's best to call or email SaveABunny and make a date to see me.
In the meantime, brush up on your flattery, because I like it.