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Robert Rexford

Jan 3 2010
Shelter of Origin: 
Private Rescue

1/3/2010 - Robert Rexford, now know as Obi, has been adopted by his foster parents. We just didn't want to be without him ! Thanks SaveABunny for giving him a fighting chance. We'll pamper his sweet bun buns.

Robert Rexford Update. Our handsome little minirex has made lots of improvment. He's able to stay up on his four legs for a short period of time after a warm up of his muscles and some pain medication. Even if he's on one three legs this little bunny man can move! He's very food motivated and when you scratch that sweet spot near his left ear his hind leg move forward and he twitches his little toes. Selah, a vet tech at HSSV taught his foster mother how to put diapers on and infant socks on him so he can roam around the house without irritating his tender underside. The sock keep his little feet warm since he can't sit in the meatloaf or mother hen position when he's cold. He's the most loving of rabbits and is so appreciative to his care. He really touches your heart. Won't you come at meet him?

NEW VIDEO! 8/30/09
Robert Rexford is cleaned up and starting to feel better. He loves munching on fresh greens and having his head petted.

Because of his prior extreme health neglect, his prognosis is extremely guarded. His health is a concern because his skin is inflamed and sore and he is not walking much. He is receiving pain medication, antibiotics, daily cleaning and TLC. He is a very sweet boy and is very receptive to all the love everyone wants to give him..

See his new video below:


On Saturday, August 22 we received an emergency call for help with a badly injured rabbit suffering from severe urine scald and maggot infestation. The owners of the rabbit could not provide treatment, so we agreed to have the rabbit immediately surrendered to SaveABunny, to determine if rescue and rehabilitation was an option or if humane euthanasia was needed to alleviate suffering.

Fortunately, Dr. Debra Scheenstra met with us on emergency. The little black neutered rex bunny boy, who we have renamed Robert Rexford, was lying on one side, unable to walk and had open sores. He was given pain medication, fluids, antibiotics, warming therapy and Critical Care feeding.

X-rays showed no fractures, arthritis in his spine. He may be a senior rabbit. As the evening progressed he became more alert, responsive and enjoyed gentle touch and pets.

He is now here at SaveABunny where he is resting on soft faux fleece, and being given every chance possible to heal. His prognosis is very guarded. However, he's a sweet bunny, gorgeous bunny with a strong will to live.

Please help us give Robert Rexford the medical care he needs with a tax deductible donation. Any size will really help. Thank you !