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Road Rash

Apr 1 2016
Foster Home

Do you like my name? There's a story behind it, but I'm not going to tell you the whole thing. A man's gotta maintain an air of mystery, you know. A nice lady found me in the street. I could hardly move because I had a dislocated hip and a fractured pelvis. She named me Road Rash because she thought I'd been hit by a car...but I'll never tell! Maybe I was saving the world from bad guys.

The lady brought me to a shelter where I was checked out and then transferred to SaveABunny to make sure I continued to receive the best care. My foster mom told me I had to be on something called "cage rest" while my bones healed.

Well, let me tell you that this cage rest thing is pretty posh. I have a nice soft bed, all the hay I can eat, delicious kibble in the morning and a scrumptious salad in the evening. I love it all! Except for fennel fronds. I could take or leave those. But I'm starting to sense that there's a bigger world out rooms and bedrooms just waiting to be explored. The vet says my hip and pelvis are healing nicely and I probably won't need any surgery. I've been cleared for unrestricted activity and really enjoy my playtime. I just love to binky. Heck, I love to binky so much that I practice in my cage!

I was sure I was going to die out there on the street. After you come back from that, you appreciate everything, you know? I love food, I love snuggles, I love to binky...I'm just a glass-half-full kind of guy. If you're looking for a silky-soft, 3-pound bundle of mini-rex to love, look no further!