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Dec 18 2016
Shelter of Origin: 
Watsonville Animal Services

Hello chaps! I'm Putnam! I'm a friendly fellow and a volunteer favorite! Some people tell me they think I'm super dreamy -- I think they're just into my natural, wild look (blush). But I'll admit, I'm an easy going guy, and I'll be friends with just about anyone!

I am a bit sad at the moment and maybe you can help me feel better? I was adopted a year ago and thought I had found my forever home. But now, my family returned me after a only a year because they didn't have time for me anymore. I am so loving and feel abandoned. Maybe you can love me and help me feel special again?

Brunch with Putnam. Turn up sound for munchy noises.Putnam's a sweet, easy going guy who likes to make friends with...

Posted by SaveABunny on Saturday, May 16, 2015

Putnam explores his new, very cute strawberry hideaway bed. Thank you Wendy D., who sent this present all the way...

Posted by SaveABunny on Friday, February 6, 2015