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Promise and Splendor

Aug 15 2015
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.

Splendor and Promise have been adopted to a loving family!

They wrote us: "Promise is now Dora the Explora and Splendor is now Amelia EARhart. [We are] hoping to inspire them to be brave and explore the world!"

Citrine is now with Waverly, who just lost her partner Winslow.

Hello! Hello! Hellloooooo!

Although not the "Three Stooges", we are quite a comedic bunch to watch. Citrine (brown) is the big brother of our group - making sure that we're all safe and is in charge.

Promise (white/grey) is the sister that follows him around, always looking up to our big brother and is often not found far from him.

Splendor (black/white) is the younger sister who tends to be the more adventurous of the three of us. She'll check things out first before the rest of us go forward.

We are all altered. We are also somewhat quite shy so we'll need a home with very patient people who'll be happy to just sit in the same room we're in, enjoy our antics and let us decide when to come by and love you. As such, we're better for a home without children.