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Princess Caribou

Sep 3 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

8/25/2019 Note from Princess Caribou's adopter

Hello! I adopted Princess Caribou back in 2012 and it's coming up on our 7th
anniversary. She is an absolutely amazing bunny and I'm so happy to have her
in my life! I just wanted to thank you and your organization for all you do.
This precious rabbit has been a source of joy and happiness for many years.
Such a wonderful companion. Although she is getting old, she still loves to
run around and play. Nothing is stopping her from having fun! A truly special
rabbit. Thank you!

9/3/12 I've been adopted to a great home!

Hi. My name is Princess Caribou. I am a beautiful, fluffy snow princess bunny! It may be hard to see from these photos that I have long, luxurious and fuzzy fur.

Whoever adopts me will want to make sure they can commit to grooming me everyday so I don't get matted or tangled. That would not be worthy of a Princess.

I'm a friendly, active and outgoing girl and am eager to find my forever home. Please visit me soon!