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Jan 1 2013
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

I've been adopted by Francesca, a long-time SaveABunny volunteer!

HI. My name is Presto. I love being a bunny and I love being alive. I really want to live a long, happy life, so please send me loving, healing wishes.

As you can see from this photo I have a VERY serious infection in my jaw and teeth. I was rescued at the very last minute from euthanasia at the San Jose shelter. I had a lump on my chin, which flagged me as a medical case.


When I arrived at SaveABunny I went in for an emergency medical evaluation with rabbit expert Dr. Carolynn Harvey. Once the fur was shaved from my cheeks and jaw it became clear I was very seriously injured. I have one lemon sized abscess on my right side and a large grape size abscess on the left side.

If I wasn't such a young,active, healthy bunny in every other way I would definitely have been euthanized on the spot. Dr. Harvey said my sweet personality tugged at her heart strings and she said surgical exploration was worth considering. She said that I had a good chance for a good quality of life IF she can get the infection under control. This will likely require the removal of a few teeth that may be at the root cause. Nobody wants me to suffer. If under surgery it is determined that I cannot be successfully treated and my life would be filled with extreme pain, then I will not be woken up from the anesthesia. I am Ok with this, because I will have known that people deeply love me and everything was done to help me.

My surgery is scheduled for Friday 4/19/13 with a stay over at the doctor's office. The surgery typically costs close to $1500 for EACH side of my jaw for a total of $3000, but we are EXTREMELY grateful to be given a discount. We still need to raise over $1000 for my surgery and my after care medications.

I know my story is kind of sad so far, BUT there is also HOPE that I will be able to live a long life filled with binkies and snuggles.

Thank you so much for caring about me.
Donations large and small are all needed and greatly appreciated!