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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

I am heartbroken to pass along the news that Posey just passed away tonight. Posey was from a large scale confiscation of 23 rabbits at a flower store in San Francisco. Posey, her brother Twink (recently deceased) and a sibling, Little Mermaid (doing well), all came to us from San Francisco Animal Care and Control because they were not healthy and needed rescue.

Both Twink and Posey had very serious gastrointestinal problems that we could never get under control despite trying all traditional medications, fluids and alternative treatments. We worked with and medicated both bunnies several hours a day---which may be how Posey managed to survive as long as she did. It is believed their condition was congenital. Both couldn't gain weight despite unlimited food and both had chronic diarrhea and other serious symptoms.

Posey became increasingly weak this afternoon. I took her upstairs with me and we sat on the deck with the sun and a fresh breeze on our faces until Rob (my husband) came home a little while later. During this time both Rob and I talked with Posey and told her how much we loved her and how brave and special she was to us. She became increasingly weak and unable to stand, we put her back in to say goodbye to her buddy Little Mermaid. Little Mermaid groomed her and sat nearby.

Posey died at about 10:30 and I distracted myself with doing bunny laundry while Rob wrapped her up and put her in the fridge. Our vet will do a necropsy.

It just doesn't get any easier no matter how many bunnies we live with and love.
Hi. My name is Posey. I am a determined little girl who is fighting for my life. I was part of a large scale confiscation of 23 rabbits from a store in San Francisco. My brothers, sisters and I were all too young to be away from our mother and I just didn't get the proper nutrition and beneficial immune system booster that baby bunnies get when they get to stay with Mom until 8 weeks old.

Consequently, I am not gaining weight or thriving and my prognosis is not good. I only weigh about a pound and a half and should weigh about 3-4 pounds at my age. I have problems digesting food to get the nutrition. It is very sad, because I like to eat and truly want to live!

The people at SaveABunny love me very much and are doing everything possible to give me a chance to live, including special feeding, medicine, fluids, Reiki and lots of love. I also get to live with my friend Little Mermaid who helps me feel safe and warm.

Please send lots of good thoughts and healing wises my way. I want to grow up to be an old bunny with a lifetime to play, be happy and healthy.