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Pom Pom

Jun 29 2010
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Foster Home

My name is PomPom. Yes, I know I'm very cute and little. I'm a netherland dwarf. I may be tiny, but I think I'm a big bunny. So, please respect my cage space. I expect at least a proper greeting before your enter my space. It is MY room, you know. I gentle stroke on the top of my head is just the thing! I prefer an experience bunny guardian who does not mind a strong-willed fiesty bunny. I'm easy to hold when I'm not in the mood to explore. I love being carried around in a softly lined basket when I'm ready to leave the comforts of my room. If you don't mind me being the little boss, then I'm the bunny for you!

6/29/2010 - I'm so happy! I've been adopted by my foster parents! I'm a lucky bunny. Thank you, SaveABunny!