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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
Yolo County Animal Shelter

August 8, 2014.
Farewell gentle Plato.

At SaveABunny, every bunny life transition is acknowledged -- babyhood, adoption, bonding, healing, and, in this case, a quiet death. Plato came to SaveABunny from the Yolo County shelter when his time ran out several months ago. He was clearly a older gentleman who had had a hard life evidenced by his sore hocks, abscesses, chronic tummy issues, and world weary yet patient look in his eyes.

Despite multiple vet visits, blood tests, medication, and careful attempts to address his digestive problems through adjustments in his diet, Plato never really got fully well, although he did enjoy playtime and gentle head rubs from the volunteers, and listened attentively when people spoke with him softly. He really was a bunny who did not ask for very much in life.

Yesterday he took a very sudden turn for the worse and despite attempts to stabilize him all day, Plato quietly died in the middle of the night, all the while being snuggled and kissed by Marcy as he departed.

Well hello there, fellow students of philosophy, fellow students of life. I am Plato. The kind people here think that I am a little older because I am so relaxed and mellow, but -- what is the meaning of the passage of time? The reality that we see with our senses is an imperfect expression of a hidden world of ideal form.

I have been through some difficulties in my life. I was on wire flooring and I had terrible sores on my feet. I have been healing at SaveABunny, however! I now experience some pleasure to offset that pain, and this has helped to enrich my philosophical mind.

Come visit with me and we shall discuss the ideal form. I believe it involves some ideal greens.