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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Foster Home

UPDATED 4/4/07
Hi everyone! It's me, Pickle!

I have exciting news! I have a forever home! Not only that, I have gone Berkeley hippie and
have two mommies! Ok…I really have moved to Berkeley and I have been living with Niki
and Betty for a few months now. They give me organic dandelion and cilantro, and bottled
water. Betty is a chef and says I can only have the best ingredients, because I am such a cute rabbit and she wants to "spoil me rotten". I think that "spoiled rotten bunnies", as opposed to "spoiled rotten veggies", is supposed to be a good thing. I do notice that I am even more handsome than ever…which must be the effects of "spoiled rotten", and really…I am seeing how it is they who are lucky to have me! I am going to love it here…I have definitely hit jackpot! I had to set them strait on some other things…though, like bokchoy…yuck, and messing with my cage and my bowls!

I get to come out of my cage all the time. Sometimes I just stay in even though the door is open. I'm not used to so much space…it's overwhelming. I have made a whole area behind
the couch mine. When my peeps aren't looking I do binkies! I'm not used to doing binkies…especially since at one time I couldn't even lift my head. So I kind of prep the move by bouncing on all fours (threes actually as my special angel's wing arm tucks in neatly beside me) and then jump up! It is so exciting…and fun! My chiropractor says I am
really getting strong. I discovered the hall…and the bedroom the other day. I went under
the bed where there are lots of wooden baskets. Then Betty called Niki, and Niki and I played a fun game of "catch me if you can". Now I check the hallway every day, but there is this baby gate up…as if I was a baby! Someday…I will get back in there…I just know it!

I have been trying to show my new mommies how special I am. I use my litter box, keep
my cage clean and never leave any "presents" anywhere else . Betty seems the most
pleased by this. She is definitely the orderly person in the house. She likes things just so...just like me. We were made for each other! In fact Betty and I are already best friends! If only Niki would leave our things alone, and be more orderly…like us!

Of course I am still Pickle…so I still have some rabbitude. I confess that I sometimes
react…well Niki says "inappropriately". I think that means I was naughty. Hey…that space behind the couch has a "no trespassing sign"! It's invisible…and written in Bunny. It's not my fault they can't see or read it! Betty tells me I need to behave…but winks at me. She understands that I just need my space…and have my quirks. Niki is a teacher, and when I am "inappropriate" she gets" teachery" and lectures me. She talks too long about what "my choices" are and what she "needs me to do". I know what I need to do. I "need" to rule my areas of the house! I just self groom and tune her out. She will figure out sooner than later that I do what I want to do...when I want to do it!I have to say though…despite feeling a little defensive…I have been a super good bunny…for a Pickle! And guess what…I am having an adoption party! Niki and Betty are both so happy that I agreed to live with them that they are throwing me a party! I hope there will be carrot cake… Hey, I am a real, live Easter Bunny!!!

I am in a great foster home hoping my foster mom will adopt me!
Hi. My name is Pickle. I am an adorable,dwarf boy bunny with spunk and lots of personality. I was born with a club foot front paw. When I was younger it did not effect me. I used to run, play and do binkies just like regular bunnies.

As I got older, I am now about 4 years old, I started to have mobility problems as my other legs started to splay out to compensate for the weakness in my front leg.

My guardian meant well and loved me,but was new to living with bunnies and did not notice how injured I had become. I was very thin and weak. It was hard even to raise my head up or to eat. My chest became congested from lying so flat from weakness. I almost died.

Now I am in foster care at SaveABunny getting a lot of TLC, acupuncture, energy work, and chiropractic care. I have gotten stronger and can now move around better. Here I am being groomed by a SaveABUnny volunteer. Aren't I CUTE!

Unfortunately, I had to be split up from my bunny friend,Fawn, because she would chase me and eat all my food. But please, don't think badly of Fawn. She is a really nice bunny and we really loved each other. It's just that my survival depended on me leaving on and getting intensive care. (You can read about Fawn on the regular adoption section of this website).

I'm very grateful for all the extra care I am getting and it is likely that I will be a sanctuary bunny at SaveABunny, which means that I will leave out my life here, rather than being adopted out. That means I may require years of special medical treatment, which can be very expensive, and put a strain on resources to help other bunnies in need. If you would like to help Sponsor me, we would be incredibly grateful. I am a sweet rabbit and a great kisser. Maybe if you visit me , I will give you a lot of sweet bunny kisses. I am so happy to be alive!

Donations towards Pickles care is also greatly appreciated.
Checks can be made out to "SaveABunny" and mailed to: P.O. Box 2143, Mill Valley, CA 94942.