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Nov 21 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

UPDATE 8/2/12
Piccolo used to be listed as a special needs rabbit, but he's now in the general adoption section. He's super cute, friendly and ready for his forever home.
Piccolo has a chronically weepy eye from a blocked tear duct, but he isn't sick or really special needs.He may have to have occasional eye drops and his teeth should be checked yearly, but otherwise he's in very good shape.
His teeth are ok now.
Come meet him soon!

UPDATE 10/16/11
Piccolo had surgery yesterday, 10/15/11, with Dr. Debra Scheenstra who removed one of his peg teeth. After a groggy night,he woke up feeling pretty good and ready to eat! He will continue to be on antibiotics for several weeks both as a follow up to the surgery, but also to help with his weepy eye. It looks much better!
Thank you for caring about Piccolo!

Hi! My name is Piccolo and I am an adorable, little guy.
I'm playful, active, energetic and hopeful that my situation will improve after I get much needed surgery.

My teeth are not so good. It's called a malocclusion and it means that my front teeth do not line up properly. As a result I need an operation to have my front taken out (I'll still have all my back teeth). Until I get the surgery it is hard for me to eat or groom myself properly and my eye is also infected.

My surgery will cost at least $500-$800 and we REALLY need donations to help my vet bills. I am really hoping you can help me. I want to be healthy and find a forever home of my very own, but need a lot of help right now.

Any amount helps...! Please send a donation to help me get the operation I need. I'm trying my hardest to be a good boy and I really need your help right now!

Thank you for loving me!