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Shelter of Origin: 
Sonoma County Humane Society
Foster Home

A 5 star testimonial from Percy's foster parents!

Percy is our handsome hunk of bunny love is eager to greet you; play hip-hop bunny games with you; beg you under, over and around the table for a yummy piece of parsley. Percival will sunshine your mornings and fill your house with happy energy. Many people think bunnies are boring, lying around doing nothing. NOT OUR PERCY.

Naturally inter-active, curious, and very intelligent, he could definitely be clicker-trained to win competitive rabbit Olympic events. Throw him a piece of chard and let the games begin. Rabbits are crepuscular animals – active mornings and evenings, which fits our schedules nicely. Give Percy a vigorous nose rub on your way out the door (and a bit of basil to ease the pain of parting); he will find a comfy quiet spot to nap, dreaming of your welcome return and the preparation of healthy salad plates.

Yes, Mr. Percy is a chow bun. And an awesome bunny being with eyes that find your heart, kissable ears, the cutest lips and excellent litter box habits. He connects you to adventure and romance: Sir Percival, knight of the Round-table.

He is presently living with Mom, Dad, three older children, two cats and Paolo, a CCIL dog. He enjoys the bustle. Call 707-829-8262 or email to meet Percy

Indoor house rabbits can safely and lovingly coexist with cats and well-behaved dogs under voice control.