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Mar 1 2010
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

I've found my forever home!
Hi my name is Niblet! I just finished an amazing photo-shoot with Amber, the new SaveABunny photographer. Plus, I have a new video!

Needless to say, I am cute. Way beyond cute. Sort of cute by infinity squared! I was a special needs medical rescue for SaveABunny because like many dwarf rabbits I had a really bad malocclusion. That means my teeth didn't match up right and my front teeth were a mess. They had to go. So, I had dental surgery (same day as my neuter...ouch!)and now I am looking and feeling much better. I still have all my back teeth, so I can eat just fine. You would just need to shred carrots for me if you decide to give me a treat. I can't eat big chunks of food, but I can eat hay and pellets without any problems.

I am considered a special needs adoption for a number of reasons:
1. One of my teeth broke off during surgery, so there is a chance it might grow back and need to be removed again.
2. As a dwarf, my back molars may require periodic trimming which can be pricey.
3. My surgery was expensive, so my adoption fee is higher at $250 to try to offset some of the cost of the surgery, which was over $450.

The GOOD news is that I am ADORABLE and I can't chew your wires!

If you like's to donate for my care, we'll send you a thank you and tax receipt! I can't write, so Candace or Marcy will send them to you.

P.O. Box 2143
Mill Valley, CA 94941
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