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Jul 1 2013
Shelter of Origin: 
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

Hi! My name is Muse. Aren't I ADORABLE (if I do say so myself!)? If you can see my eyes under all my fur, you'll see that I also have loads of personality.
You'll never be bored.

As a long-haired bunny I will need to be groomed almost daily. YUP, daily. I am a high-maintenance girl! This is a non-negotiable fact of living with a bunny like me. Daily grooming keeps me healthy in addition to looking good. I've had my fur shaved down , but it's growing back now.

I've moved on and I don't like to talk about it much, but I arrived at SaveABunny for rescue because I had been severely neglected. My fur was horribly stained and matted and my nails were way too. It was hard to walk.

Being able to provide me proper care is just as important as wanting to give me love. Good intentions just won't be enough.

So, if you have the ability to take good care of me, love me deeply and spoil me for the rest of my life (could be many years), then I really hope you'll visit me soon, so I can charm you.