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Mr. Ed


Hi, my name is Mr Ed.
I'm so cute that everyone wants to adopt me, but I still need to get neutered.
In the meantime, let me share a bit more about myself.

I smell. Sort of like a combination of skunk aroma with strong urine mixed with hay and poo.
I admit, it's not for everyone, but I am very proud and think I smell great.
In fact, I'm so sexy that I like to spray pee on the ladies, the volunteers, visitors and the cleaning staff. For now, I have stuffed animals to "play" with and help me, umm... "relax".
After a few days of blissful bunny love, my stuffies go to the spa. It's called the washing machine with some bleach.

Anyway, thanks for reading about me. I'm not available yet for adoption, but if you really want a very sweet and loving bunny, please sure to check out the ruby-eyed white bunnies. They're the best. They are friendly, gentle, smart and built like a brickhouse. They drive me wild with desire.

My stuffy is calling me, so I have to go now. Time to exercise together....

I'm currently being housed at SaveABunny waiting to be adopted.