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In Memoriam

I am saddened to pass along the news that we made the difficult decision today to euthanize Monique, one of our longer term adoptable bunnies. In the past few weeks she had several episodes of stasis and low temperature. Dr. Debra Scheenstra examined Monique last week and saw a suspicious mass in her lungs and chest via X-rays. We treated with antibiotics and pain medications, but Monique grew weaker and seemed to be in pain and distress.

We took her today for a second opinion with Dr. Harvey. She felt that Monique was in the dying process due to a chest and lung problem and strongly recommended euthanasia.

People often ask how and why I rescue rabbits and if we euthanize.
My answer is that we will always do what is most compassionate and loving for the rabbit.

It is very hard to let go and stop trying everything possible. But sometimes, there is nothing more to do, other then let the bunny know he/ she is loved and his/her life had meaning!
Then we let them go in the most loving way we know. Surrounded and supported by people who know and love them.

I think of the bunnies who we take that would otherwise be euthanized. That gives me comfort, since I know we do everything possible for those rabbits in our care.
Just a day ago we took in 3 rabbits from a local shelter who didn't want them, couldn't "see" them for who they were and would have euthanized them: a frightened, but sweet big white bunny caught in a trap with some feral cats, a "biter" (no!) and a really sweet bunny with a healed leg fracture. They said his "quality of life" would be bad. Well, I can tell you that this is one REALLY happy bun! And if he gets arthritis later on in life (don't we all?) then there are pain meds for it.

Monique left us too soon, but provided space for another rescue bun. we loved you Monique and even though you never found your forever home, there were people who loved you deeply.

Hello. my name is Monique. I used to be named Lizzie at Marin Humane Society.

I am a perfect little Princess. Yes, you can call me a "Princess" if you want. I'm perfectly fine with that.

Since I am perfect, perfection is something I feel strongly about. I'm seeking a perfect home with perfect humans. Humans that understand and enjoy living with a perfectly entitled bunny girl.
I like my stuff just so, and I would prefer if you didn't rearrange it. After all, I do know better than you how bunny things should be!

I like being with people who talk with me, approach with me the respect that I deserve and allow me time to warm up. Then I am a perfectly nice girl. Plus, I'm perfectly precious and pretty.

On a perfect day you will adopt me.
Please visit me perfectly soon.