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Feb 4 2017
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

So rumor has it that Marcy, who runs SaveABunny, has a crush on me.
I am beginning to think that she's hiding me away from the public, so she can snuggle me all on her own. She clearly loves my little, fat head, fluffy little feet and squishy, plush, round body. And, I am such a sweet guy she loves to have me sit on her lap on the sofa while she watches TV.

I was found as a stray on the mean streets of San Francisco fending for myself. I was already neutered and it looked like I had been dumped when no longer wanted. I didn't understand why I was suddenly by myself in the, dark, cold and rain, but I had trust that I would find love and safety again. Overall, I think people are kind and I am willing to forgive.

While I love it here at SaveABUnny, I would like to be adopted so that another bunny who needs rescue can have my space. Marcy and i have discussed this and agree.
If you can offer me a great home please fill out our adoption application and let us know. I look forward to meeting you!
Love, Meyer (named after Meyer lemons, 'cause that's my shape)