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Jun 2 2013
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

I've been adopted by a wonderful family!

Maury is a sweet little neutered Holland lop boy who deserves an amazing forever home after what he's been through. He was adopted in 2011 by a mom and her teenage daughter. While we had concerns about the daughter being close to college age the mother assured us that she wanted Maury and would love him if the daughter went away to school.
Well, guess what... Maury was just dumped back off at SaveABunny because the teen is going off to college. Maury has way more love in his heart and common sense than either shallow mom or rude, entitled teen. No sense of loss, no regrets, just a drive -by dump our rabbit and go.
How sad---actually for the mom and daughter more so than Maury. He is gentle and loving. College won't teach this bratty kid what her mother should have modeled and taught. Maury was their family member. A living, breathing trusting family member.
Not a toy. Not an accessory.

Please give Maury the safe,loving and fun forever home he deserves.
Maury came to us back in 2008 with one of the worst cases of mallocluded teeth we had ever seen.

His upper incisors had grown so long that they were curved inwards and had started to grow into the roof of his mouth. His lower teeth were broken.

At that time he required surgery to pull all four incisor teeth. He was adopted a few years ago, but then recently returned to us because he needs expensive molar trims for his back teeth every few months.
He is a super cute, deserving little guy, but needs a home with people who are able to afford his ongoing dental care, which could be as much as $1500 a year. He was adopted, but returned over a year later when his human family had a new baby and could no longer afford Maury's dental care.

We really need your help to continue Maury's care. Donations are URGENTLY needed!

Click here to make a donation towards Maury's care is also greatly appreciated.
Checks can be made out to "SaveABunny" and mailed to: P.O. Box 2143, Mill Valley, CA 94942

From Ian and Char--Maury's Previous Humans:

"Maury, whom we renamed Merlin, was our third rabbit. He’s a real sweetheart and we wish we could have kept him. We can't afford his ongoing dental care and our other two bunnies picked on him, so unfortunately we returned him to SaveABunny after two years.

Merlin enjoys being held for brief periods. When he is out of his pen and out about the house, he’s very active and very curious. His missing incisors didn't cause him much trouble, although we did have to cut his harder vegetables into little strips for him.

He's a great, little guy who deserves a very special home and we hope he finds a new home soon.

8/22/08 UPDATE
Maury is still doing well, but he suffered a minor setback from his surgery. He is being treated for a minor infection and two of his front teeth had the audacity to start to grow back! How dare they?!
Anyway, we are waiting a few weeks and then they will be pulled again. Rarely do teeth grow back a third time, even the stubborn ones.

Maury is still listed as a special needs rabbit because he requires dental surgery in Early September. Maury's veterinary expenses have been way more than anticipated. SaveABunny is requesting that whomever adopts him please help us by donating toward the expense of the surgery.

Donations to help pay for Maury's veterinary care are extremely helpful and allow us to continue to rescue other special needs bunnies like Maury who typically have no other rescue options and will be euthanized.

Maury is an incredibly sweet and adorable rabbit. We know he's glad to be alive and you will surely fall in love with him.
He also gets along well with other rabbits and is currently living in a group/warren with Tempest, Pandora, Firenza, Morroco, Bette Davis and Gazelle.

Maybe you'd like to adopt Maury with one of his friends for ready made bunny family?

Maury has recovered from his dental surgery and is living La Vida Loca- the good life! He is still being treated with antibiotics to ward off infection, but otherwise he's doing GREAT. Actually,
here at SaveABunny we are trying an experiment with some of the bunnies live in groups or "warrens." Guess which lucky, neutered boy is currently living in a group with six spayed girls who all adore him? Yup..that's Maury!

Maury is currently living with Tempest, Morocco, Gazelle, Pandora, Firenza and Bette Davis. He loves to be with other rabbits. So, he is still available for adoption as a single bunny, however, we strongly encourage you to keep Maury happy and content by adopting him with one of his friends or as a companion to your spayed/ neutered bunny.
Maury has been a very expensive bunny for us to rescue, because of his surgery and medical care.

We are asking for an adoption fee of $250 to help us cover at least some of our expenses so that we may help other rabbits in need.

Marcy Schaaf
Founder, SaveABunny
"A New Generation of Rabbit Rescue"
Save A Bunny. Save A Life.

Maury is a super-cute, small golden Holland lop boy who came to SaveABunny with one of the worst dental cases we ever saw. When I met Maury at San Francisco Animal Care and Control he had recently been abandoned at the shelter by someone who just no longer wanted him.

After doing rescue work for nearly ten years it is almost instinct to quickly spot a rabbit in need. Maury's face was dirty and wet and he clearly had not been able to groom his underside either.

A look at his teeth immediately revealed the problem which had somehow been missed at the shelter and not noted by his owner.

His upper incisors had grown so long that they were curved inwards and had started to grow into the roof of his mouth. His lower teeth were broken. It was clear that he was suffering and needed emergency rescue or euthanasia. Time was of the essence, since the San Francisco shelter (SFACC)unfortunately has a new strict euthanasia time frame for rabbits, so we had to make a decision fast. We chose to rescue Maury, even though his teeth will need to be surgically removed, which will cost us about $500+.

After his teeth are removed Maury will be able to live a virtually normal life. He's adorable, very nice and certainly deserves more than what humans have done for him until now.

We really need your help to raise funds for his medical care.
Thank you for caring for Maury and we will update you on his progress.

Click here to make a donation towards Maury's care is also greatly appreciated.
Checks can be made out to "SaveABunny" and mailed to: P.O. Box 2143, Mill Valley, CA 94942