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Shelter of Origin: 
Private Rescue
Foster Home

My name is Logan. I'm a very lucky bunny. I was found in a gutter near a feral cat colony by a volunteer who feeds the colony. She didn't know what to do with me so she brought me to her local vet. It was clear to her that I was severely injured. My leg was fractured and sticking out to the side. Upon further assessment, turns out this was an old fracture and despite being a little crooked, I'm a normal bunny in every other way. I love to be stroked until I tooth purr. I can get around just fine using my three other legs. I scoot along soft surfaces and play hide and seek. I like to toss my toys around when they are in my way. I'm sitting on my timothy hay cube in my photo because I was just re-arranging my photo props to what I thought would look good, to the photographer's dismay. So, I can be an opinionated little bunny! All is all though, I'd love to have a home that understand that my leg doesn't get in the way of me being a happy, healthy bunny who is ready to be a full fledged member of your family. Come meet me and I'll show you how spunky I can be!

2/17/2010 - Wonderful news ! I've been adopted by my foster parents. They bonded me with Obi (formerly SAB's Robert Rexford) and Mitzi, the little old lady dwarf with teeth issues. We are a loving happy family now. Thanks, SaveABunny for taking me in.