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Jun 18 2010
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Foster Home

My name is Licorcie. I'm a young Havana bunny girl. I'm about 3 months old(as of 4/18/2010). I've been told that I'm quite endearing. I'm a gentle girl who enjoys being massaged and who feels comfortable being lovingly held in your arms. I have big wonderful ears to listen to you after a long day of work or school. I'm a cautions explorer. It takes me a little while to roam around and make the area my own. I'm just getting to know each nook and cranny or my space. I like to understand all the new scents and smells of a new place. I don't mind noises like the washing machine, dryer, or TV. They don't bother me much, but when it's nice and quiet I can do a pretty good bunny flop. I'm loveable so come meet me and find out if you are my human.

6/18/2010 - I've adopted! I'm now best bunnies with a handsome bunny named Hazel. Thank you, SaveABunny for finding me a wonderful forever home!