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Jack Daniels

Feb 25 2014
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society

I am happy to be living at a sanctuary now!
Foster Update 8/6/13


Hi! I'm Jack Daniels, and I'm currently being housed at a foster home. My rabbitude has improved dramatically with being out of a cage and into a place with some space. I am definitely designed to be a free-range bunny with the freedom to roam. Fortunately, this won't be hard for you to let me do because I have really good litterbox habits and non-chewing manners. I'm way too busy being curious and walking around to bother eating furniture or having accidents! (Of course, you should still bunny-proof things, but I'm just letting you know, I'm way better behaved than some of the other bunnies my foster moms have known).

I'm still a little cage (okay, or x-pen) protective - I just like my stuff how I like it. I don't know why my foster moms have to move my toys around. I now have free reign of a whole room in my foster home, and that has decreased my fussiness. I am most excited when I get to leave my room and explore other rooms, too, but for now they're only letting me do that with supervision. I am loving that I get attention and I'm learning how to approach people appropriately for some cuddle time. My foster family thinks I must not have been socialized well in my previous home. They keep describing me as an ADHD bunny - not because I'm hyper, but because I'm always on the alert, and I notice everything. I love to cuddle and relax, but as soon as I hear a noise, like a refrigerator opening or someone talking on TV, I am on the alert again, just in case. It must go with my love of exploring - I like to know where everything is and what is happening all the time! My ears do this super cool radar rotation that makes my foster moms laugh.

And, if looks are important to you, I have a really unique and beautiful patterning to my coat. I look sort of like a piece of wood - I have whorls and circles that make me look like a beautiful (& really soft) bunny sculpture.

Hi y'all!

I'm a neutered boy with lots of energy! I'm quite the scamp and love trying to find some mischief to get into. I also have some rabbititude and will make you work for my love and respect. However, you find that a little effort goes a long way with me.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not the type of bunny to go around with gangs of wild hares, but I do love toys and need room to play and jump and entertain you with all of my acrobatic skills.I love my freedom and space to run (indoor , bunny -proofed only)

Come on by, and I'll show you my southern hoppitality!