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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter
Petaluma Animal Shelter


We are very saddened to pass along the news that sweet, gentle little Hobo passed away Saturday morning, March 5, 2011.

The little guy came to us from the Petaluma shelter by way of the Rohnert park shelter who recommended him as a medical rescue due to his bad teeth and advanced age.
Despite not being a particularly healthy bunny, Hobo lived a good life here at SaveABunny. He could eat all he wanted (helped him keep weight on), got lots of love and regular vet care. He also became part of a special needs group of bunnies who all loved to snuggle and groom each other. His best friends were Tippy, Nadia and Jelly Bean.

In the two weeks or so before his death, Hobo had been losing weight, so we had him seen by Dr. Scheenstra and started him on antibiotics and extra feedings with Critical Care. He LOVED his extra food, but continued to lose weight.

On Friday night, March 4 Hobo didn't want his food and he was very lethargic and weak. He started having labored breathing and Rob and I sensed that Hobo was beginning the dying process. We gave him Reiki, held him for comfort and heated up a special heat disk for him For the night we put him back next with his buddy Jelly Bean. (Tippy is also having major health problems and he and Nadia were in a separate area).

Hobo died early Saturday morning and while we are very sad to lose this gentle little guy, we feel comfort in knowing that his time here was one of joy and happiness.

Thank you everyone who cared so much about little Hobo.

I'm a sweet, older special needs rescue bun with a bad malloclusion and a variety of other stuff going on with me. I'm a good boy and this isn't my fault. Please help me!

I was abandoned at the Petaluma animal shelter in bad shape and now I need expensive dental surgery and a lot of tender,loving care.

Please donate to raise much needed funds for my surgery. You will help save my life and remind me that people CAN be kind, generous and caring. Thank you!

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