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Jul 17 2015

Hello, everybun. My name is Goldilops, of Goldilops and the Three Hares. (Where are these three hares, you ask? That's just fiction! But if you adopt me, you could gift me with three stuffed animal hares... And be sure to give me three bowls of food, one that's too big, and one that's also too big, and one that's juuuuust right.) (Ed. note: please don't overfeed Goldilops!)

I'm a little nervous because I've been through some rough stuff but that means I'll really be happy to find a loving home with people that understand my needs and help me to blossom.(Ed. note: Goldilops is from a large scale rescue of several dozen rabbits from a backyard meat rabbit confiscation in San Martin, CA, by local animal welfare authorities.)