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Shelter of Origin: 
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

Hi! My name is Geronimo and I am a handsomely and colorfully decorated bunny chief. I am brave and strong and won't hesitate to fight for what I believe. Here's what I believe:

-Everything is mine
-If you touch my stuff I reserve the right to bite you
-If I feel like it, I will let you pet me. It feels good
-REAL bunny lovers will enjoy my fiestiness and antics
-Children's fingers look like baby carrots, but don't taste as good

So, essentially, I'm a good choice for an experienced bunny guardian who likes an intelligent and opinionated rabbit companion!

I'm named after Geronimo, the Indian resistance fighter who was a fearless, cunning warrior. He was said to have had magical powers. Legend had it that he could see into the future, walk without creating footprints and even hold off the dawn to protect his own.

It's become a tradition to yell "Geronimo" when jumping out of planes or attempting other acts of courage and adventure. When you step into my house go ahead and call out my name!

Here's a message from Geronimo's foster mom who loves him, but is no longer able to foster him:

"Geronimo is a sweet bunny and has learned to trust us and hardly ever bites now, but he needs space to run and jump and be his active bunny self. An ideal foster/forever home would be someone with a larger house and a dedicated area for him to explore (perhaps away from the bedroom unless deep sleepers) as well as time to develop trust. He really is a special bunny who loves to be pet and get his head rubbed. He does NOT like his things moved (just moving his towel and bowls makes him grunt and lunge) and seems to get confused and bites more frequently when there is lots going on around him so he probably would not do well with a family and/or small children. He also does not seem to like "flowy" pants or pants with anything at the cuff although he's getting better about this. He may do well with other rabbits. He and our female rabbit fight constantly (between double x-pens so they can't touch). However, he and our male rabbit touch noses through a single x-pen and seem to get along fine although that is as close as they have gotten, but may indicate that he is open to a friend.

He enjoys jumping on boxes, running up and down hallways, flinging toys, tearing up phone books (he has already gone through three very large phone books) and eating of course. He also loves to dig and regularly digs all of his litter and hay out of his litter box and then picks through it on the floor so he will most likely require more cleaning than some buns. He would probably really enjoy having some kind of dedicated digging box. On the plus side, he is pretty good about using his litter box, is easy to pick up and hold and easy to groom. He LOVES to have his head rubbed and after all his activity, will reward you with a big bunny flop. Geronimo will be a great companion for a person looking for an active bunny with spunk (and maybe a tad of "crazy" thrown in)."